Is it weird to start this by saying I LOVE travelling? 
So the TTCAA is the Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority, they are in charge of the air space and its traffic not only in Trinidad & Tobago but in the region and they chose Ayrïd by Design to design their 2018-2019 annual report. 
This project was not like previous annual reports, the client wanted a more hands-on approach, we needed to capture all (or as much) of the staff, and interview them to include their quotes in the report. The goal was to create a balance between the very technical job and the warm people who make it all happen. I contracted Wynda Chandler to do copy editing and writing, and Kibwe Brathwaite for photography. After five months of site visits, meeting staff, photo shoots, I feel like TTCAA is now family and I now have such a greater appreciation for and understanding of air space and all that it in entails.
The theme given for this report was "Redefining the Future" and I got to ask as many employees as we could have, what does that mean for them. The first day of visits, we spent a lot of time in ANS (the Air Navigation Services department), I got to see how they track the planes in the air space. This day inspired the design for the cover.
The cover was printed with a deboss and UV finish for a tactile effect.