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My name is Ayrïd and I really love emails. They help me separate work communications from personal which is very important for attainting that work/life balance. After a phone call, I cannot confidently revert to your business needs without traceable written correspondence. Let's get that paper tail started! And lastly, an email is not intrusive. An email won't stop me from finishing a meeting, completing a client's project, or sleeping. Thank you for respecting this.

My design niche and passion is definitely branding. I truly enjoy working on creating new visual identities for your projects. If you are interested in working with me on your branding project, sign up here to get started! 
If you are interested in working with me for anything other than branding, send me a message.
I am available for speaking opportunities and workshops, as well as most graphic design services especially editorial design and event marketing. Let's chat!
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