This client approached me to create the branding for her passion project. Everything started off really well and then I got extremely sick and fell off the rails with my deliverables. The client actually moved on to work with someone else because of the situation, but something told me to still send what I did. So I did. Expectations exceeded. This project brought me back to myself a bit, and what I love about design and branding and reminded me of the importance of finishing (in spite of all life throws at you!)
Taboo Conversations: The Stories of Caribbean Women is a podcast and the client said they wanted the people who interact with the podcast to feel safe, seen, understood, not judged. She wanted the brand to look Caribbean, feminine, safe, non-judgemental, empowered. I truly had fund bringing this to life.
Song lyrics in my head while designing this:
"Talk de tings, talk de tings dey Voicey!"