Some projects really test my abilities to multi-task and manage my time. This was one of those projects. 
Picture this: June, 2017.
I met with the client for the first time on Tuesday and by Sunday I was on a plane to London (my first vacation for the year) with a 60+ page magazine to design in two weeks. And yes, that's the duration of my trip. If you're reading this and thinking "She's crazy!" I would like to confirm, yes, I am. I also like a challenge and get bored very easily. Like most projects of this nature (with short timelines) I didn't get the bulk of things till closer to the deadline, which meant that I was in airports, bus terminals and hotels, up late working on this magazine. Not the most ideal conditions for design, but then again what is? Needless to say, given the journey it took to get to this final product, I'm happy to present the results of my 2017 vacation.