This was a pro-bono job, a gift, if you will. For the first time in as far back as I can remember, I was working out regularly and not making up excuses to miss a class. I was really impressed with Jared Bennett's energy as a personal trainer. I knew Jared casually before because we share the same birthday, August 28th (different years). When he announced to the class one evening that he had officially registered his business as Body by BenTT, I knew I had to create the logo. 
This month I have the pleasure of working with an intern, one of my students from UWI, Aliyah Emmanuel, and I gave her the task of coming up with some options, without any creative brief (I'm sorry!). Through working with her, we presented Jared with 3 options as a surprise, and he fell in love with this option. 
Inspired by what my intern was doing, and inspired by a weight plate, I took the 3 B's from the name to form Jared's on personal weight plate design and so a logo was born. 
If you're looking for an enthusiastic and excellent personal trainer, check out Body by BenTT
Photo by Will the Wolf.
This silhouette was created of Jared by Z Idea Hub as part of an illustration she did, Jared wanted to marry it with his logo!